Spark of Life is a very unique remote energy healing originally created by the High Priest and Priestesses in ancient temples of Egypt as a means to rejuvenate, relax and focus healers who had to work for long periods of time.  This is a very powerful healing modality that uses magickal keys to go beyond the etheric matrix and chakra system of the client's external body directly to the inner spark -- to the first ray of creation. This allows the pure energy of Source to flow to the client in a remote (distant) location. 

$250/60 min


The EnSofic Ray is the highest and purest ray of energy available to us.  It is the first ray of creation and the complete system of Reiki energy that holds within it all potentials.  This healing clears negative thought patterns, heals the physical body, realigns the body and soul for your purpose, heals apathy or feeling stuck, aids in manifestation and physical health, and rewrites your book of life. 

3 session series done 1 week apart

$200/60 min

Aura healing is a powerful way to remove unwanted energies and strengthen weak spots that leave us vulnerable to psychic attack. If you feel run down, lethargic, or find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason, you may have an imbalance in your aura. This session uses sacred geometry and calls in Egyptian archetypes to heal and balance the energies within the first 7 layers of the aura.

$200/60 min

All energy in the universe has a frequency and vibration.  The optimum frequency for humans is 528 Hz, the frequency of Archangels.  However, we have lost this and most human minds are in the 1-30 Hz range.  The Angel Code restores your vibration back to 528 Hz bringing about a greater ability to navigate the world in its current state.  Some of the benefits are increased ability to make better long term decisions, increased success in business, boost of energy at the cellular level and manifest miracles in your life. 


While the Life Activation increases your connection with your Higher Self, Full Spirit Activation increases your connection with your soul and grounds it into your physical body. The session awakens your "old brain", the pineal and pituitary glands, and increases your soul's awareness of your physical existence, leading to a richer and fuller life. You will feel more alive and filled with a sense of joy. This is done after a Life Activation. 

$250/60 min

More than an indulgence, massage therapy can boost your immune system, help you sleep better, and reduce aches and pains. Whether it's deep therapeutic or relaxation you seek, massage can help improve posture, increase flexibility, reduce anxiety, promote deeper breathing, and satisfies our need for human touch. Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial techniques, I create a unique treatment plan tailored to clients' individual goals.

$160/60 min

$200/90 min

Life Activation is the first step towards remembering who you really are and what is your purpose.  We have all come to this planet with unique gifts that are encoded in our DNA.  This 22 strand DNA activation brings Light into your divine blueprint so you can begin to embody your Higher Self in the physical.  Live a life of greater joy, abundance, clarity, peace, energy and passion than you've ever imagined possible!  This session infuses you with pure Light, making its way through blocks, limiting beliefs, and issues that you may not even be aware of, but are standing in between your dreams and reality.  Now is the time to activate your life and discover your highest potential!

This session includes a crown cap removal, central core balancing, 16 lotus petal awakening, elemental and magnetic line balancing, chakra balancing, negative crystal removal, and a brief reading. You will receive a month long supply of alchemical drops to help integrate the session.

$250/90 min

This session draws on the natural healing power of crystals to enhance healing of negative patterns related to mind, emotions, physical body, time management, libido, empowerment, and healing of old wounds. Crystals can also be utilized as an ally for manifestation. 

$85/30 min

$150/60 min

We are connected to everyone in our lives with energetic cords that can pull on us and deplete our energy. This session removes the negative emotional cords resulting in more positive, healthy relationships and emotional freedom.


Add Shamanic Aura Clearing $75